The Tri-City Challenge

The Inland Empire’s running series!

Welcome to San Bernardino County's only running series: The Tri-City Challenge! Three of the county's largest races are collaborating to bring you this one-of-a-kind challenge.

Now you can run your race series in any order to qualify for the Tri-City Challenge medal!

  • Do the 2022 Run Through Redlands followed by the 2022 San Bernardino Turkey Trot, followed by the 2022 Loma Linda Holiday Classic and you qualify!
  • OR start your series with the 2022 San Bernardino Turkey Trot, followed by the 2022 Loma Linda Holiday Classic and cap it off with the 2023 Run Through Redlands and you qualify!
  • OR start your series during the holidays with the 2022 Loma Linda Holiday Classic, followed by the 2023 Run Through Redlands and finish with the 2023 San Bernardino Turkey Trot and you qualify!

However you decide to manage your race series is up to you! Just make sure you run the 3 races consecutively without a break—three in a row without missing one!

You can either participate in the race as a runner or as a volunteer. (We love our volunteers and do not want to exclude them!)

Complete these three races and earn a special medal

Run Through Redlands

A Run Through Redlands

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San Bernardino Turkey Trot

San Bernardino Turkey Trot

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Loma Linda Holiday Classic

Holiday Classic

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  1. You must register (as a participant or volunteer) using the exact same name and birthdate for all three events in your series.
  2. You must wear a timing device (chip) and receive an official time for each event or be a registered volunteer. If you do not have an official finishing time or official volunteer registration in each event in your series, you will not qualify.
  3. You must participate in 3 consecutive events from the Tri-City Challenge without a break. If you have a break in your participation and you miss one of the Tri-City Challenge events, your participation series will start over with the next Tri-City Challenge event that you participate in.
  4. Entry into each event is not guaranteed—register early to ensure your spot.
  5. Pickup your medal at the event after running your 3rd qualifying race.
  6. One Tri-City Challenge medal per participant.
Tri City Challenge medal

How to participate

  1. Register to run or volunteer for all participating races! Be sure to use the same name and birthdate when registering for each event so we know you're you.
  2. Be official! Get an official finishing time or complete your volunteer service.
  3. Register early! Entry is not guaranteed, so register early to save your spot.

Pick up your Tri-City Challenge medal in December after you complete all three races.

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